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The furniture are divided into catalogues, which have their own peculiarities. Below are listed the furnuture catalogues, along with a brief description of their main characteristics
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Image Catalogue Description
furniture catalogue - Generale Generale The main catalog, which combines in a unique way, elegant furniture, high quality furniture and beautiful furniture at affordable prices.

You can download the pdf version of the catalogue for furniture Generale (divided by categories) below:

Tables/Little tables Desks, Bookcases, Mirrors Buffets, Showcases, Corner showcases Corner closets, Closets, Lockers for shoes
TV/Hi-Fi closets, Telephone closets, CD/VHS closets Consolles, Chest of drawers, Chairs/Armchairs Secretaires, Portmanteaus, Trolleys Benches, Sofas, Coat hangers
Image Catalogue Description
furniture catalogue - Mattioli Mattioli This collection is made with carefully selected top caliber handmade furniture and includes furniture and furnishing elements with a woodworking tradition of the 18th century that features huge decoration of the furniture, a masterly combination of the various wood types for the furniture and refined finishes of the furniture.

You can download the pdf version of the catalogue for furniture Mattioli (divided by categories) below:

Tables/Little tables, Desks, Bookcases Mirrors, Buffets, Showcases Closets, TV/Hi-Fi closets, Consolles Chest of drawers, Chairs/Armchairs, Trolleys
Sofas, Wardrobes